Mothers rights with ex husband dating

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In general, the most you can do in the beginning is suggest your kids keep an open mind and be polite and friendly. Work through it, but don’t let your kids know how you are feeling.

Dealing with Your Own Feelings No matter how completely dunzo you are with your ex or how long you’ve been apart, a new relationship could hit you right in the gut. Of course you’re going to have some feelings of jealousy, hurt, anger, envy, and/or sadness. Try to present a façade of calmness and acceptance if you can.

The best case scenario is that the new person is not treated as having any authority over your kids.

In reality, if the relationship is a serious one, at some point your kids will be expected to answer to the new person.

Curse the skank out all you want with your friends, but try to reduce hostilities.

It will make your kids’ lives easier if they aren’t in the middle of a battle.

How much contact should this new person have with your child? If you and your ex can talk to each other, it is a good idea to agree to let each other know when you’re going to introduce someone into your child’s life.

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Avoid open nastiness at all costs since it helps no one. There are some red flags to keep your eyes out for, however.

Ideally, you and your ex will have an understanding about this and your ex will make it clear to your children that no one is replacing anyone.

If your ex isn’t on board with this, wait for the issue to come up with your kids.

You’ve got a lot of reasons NOT to feel good about this person, but the fact is it’s not up to you to decide who your ex dates and the sooner you can accept that, the better you will feel about the whole situation.

What you can do is try to display only neutral feelings to your kids, your ex, and the GF/BF.

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